Sasha unleash Airdrawndagger Underworld ready with new album


Sasha’s Airdrawndagger album is released on the 5th of August 2002, and features collaborations with Tom ‘Junkie XL’ Holkenborg, Charlie May and James Holden.

1 Dremples
2 Mr Tiddles
3 Magnetic North
4 Cloud Cuckoo
5 Immortal
6 Fundamental
7 Boileroom
8 Bloodlock
9 Requiem
10 Golden Arm
11 Wavey Gravy

First single “Wavey Gravy” are on heavy rotation with the DJs. Read the online interview here and you can read the review of the album here.

New Sasha website

Underworld's new album “A Hundred Days Off” are ready to be released in end the of September and the track list so far are as follow.

1. Mo Move
2. Two Months Off
3. Twist
4. Sola Sistim
5. Little Speaker
6. Trim
7. EssGee
8. Dinosaur Adventure 3D
9. Ballet Lane
10. Luetin  

The first single “Two Months Off” is released on the 2nd of September and on the 16th of September the album is out. You can see and listen to “Two Months Off” on the following links. 

Two Months Off - Audio (radio edit) Low High
Two Months Off - Video  Low High
More info on Underworld and “A Hundred Days Off” 

New Gouryella track

Hybrid – again

After the success of the three Gouryella tracks 'Gouryella', 'Walhalla' and 'Tenshi', it's time for the new Gouryella single! The title from the new Gouryella will be 'Ligaya', which means 'Happiness' in Filipino. Expect remix from Rank 1. The release on Tsunami Records is scheduled after the Summer of 2002 . The Swansea boys Mike and Chris have been quiet for some time, but a limited 12" with two tracks from the forthcoming album will be available, with further teasers to follow in advance of a single at the end of the year, preceding the long awaited follow up to 'Wide Angle' in 2003.

Blackwatch Lamb - Gorecki / Gabriel 

Blackwatch has been working with BT on the tracks “Waiting For The Sun” and “Communicate”, as well as collaborating with Quivver on the track “Loveless”. Expect to see a follow up to his track with Simon Noble, “Time Flies” under the name of Critically Positive.

Lamb and Mercury have agreed to let Bill Hamel release his remix of their classic 'Gorecki' and as part of this deal, Hamel will remix one of their more recent tracks 'Gabriel' and both will be released on 12" this summer. 

Roskilde Festival 2002   Jean Michel Jarre at Gl. Vraa
At this years Roskilde Festival - Progressive House music was in focus on the White Stage. John Digweed, DJ Remy, Starecase, Timo Maas and X-Press 2 all delivered fantastic sets. 




Paul Van Dyk - November the 8th More PvD news
The trance master himself is set to be in Copenhagen on November the 8th. More info: where you also can get info about the upcoming live performance by Dirty Vegas. You can also see photos from one of his Vandit nights in Berlin on As told in the Clubbing Magazine interview with PvD in June the "PVD DVD" is scheduled for release this autumn. The DVD will feature footage shot on the German DJ's recent world tour and will compile fresh remixes of tracks from Van Dyk's albums.

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