Roskilde Festival 2002 


Once again the weather was with Roskilde - not ! but the weather was great in the evening - and the Orange Scene was rocking form 17.30 - until 24.00 The Chemical Brothers blew the roof of The Green Stage from 22.00 - when they staid "Come With Us" in a frantic of sounds and visuals - the highlight of the festival.
  White Stage at night - the host of Hope Recordings night on day 1 and the host of many other great gigs to come over the next few days.. Filmpalast kicked off the night. Known for his track "I Want" remixed by Brother Brown. A new track is out now "Istanbul" incl. remix by DJ Remy and Lemon 8.
DJ Remy kicked it into Progressive. He has released 3 EP's - best known for his track "Bagstapper" and his remix of Bedrock's "Voices" and Salt Tank's "The Energy". 

Starecase took the audience into a spin of  progressive sounds and mc. They have just released their  monster debute album "First Floor".

TImo Maas took the audience into the night with funky progressive slamming beats.
Friday – It has been raining all day, with small stops. The White Stage once more is the host of the ever changing dance music. The Weekend Players delivered a perfect set, including the hits “21st Century” and “Into The Sun” (or was is into the rain – because is was raining like mad at that time). 
On the Blue stage Radioactive Man (Keith Tenniswood) was pulling and tweaking the knobs of his computers and samples, to give the audiences an experience in electro techno. The legendary Andrew Weatherall closed the night on the Blue stage. He has over years been a mayor impact in electronic music. 
X-Press 2 lined up on the White Stage to give the punters a lesson in progressive deep house music.
At 22.00 New Order entered the Orange Stage – and kicked off with their super comeback hit “Crystal”. The show ended with “Blue Monday” – 40.000 euphoric spectators were all dancing. At the White Stage – the Danish band True To Nature changed the pace at 21.00, and the start of another Progressive night at the White Stage was on its way.
Way Out West (Nick Warren and Jody Wistenoff) was on at 22.30. The highlight of the Way Out West concert was the tracks “Ajare” and “Intensify”.
Mr. Bedrock himself – John Digweed went on stage at midnight and played for 4 hours. The audience had a ball. That’s all from us at this years Roskilde Festival.
Hey - the rain has stopped.
By: Christian Almind
Roskilde 2002

This year the two electronica tents on Roskilde are going to be full of progressive House and Techno but no Trance.  Clubbing Magazine brings you exclusive information on who is coming and when. 

On Thursday the 27th of June it is Hope Recordings Night in the white tent. From 17.30 you will be in the company of Filmpalast from Germany. Our own Brother Brown has remixed their track ”I Want”. Around 19.00 the Canadian super DJ / producer Max Graham takes over for 2 hours – get ready for a ride. He has a long string of great remixes behind him and tracks like “Bar None”, “Shoreline”, “Backdraft”, “Falling Together”, “Sepia” and “Airtight” speak for themselves. Starecase with their debut album “Firstfloor” are on stage for an hour or so, before the evening ends with a big bang, when Timo Maas takes us into the night. Timo Maas is in high demand as a remixer and as a DJ, he is out with his debut album “Loud” and you are going to experience what the Timo Maas sound is about. 

The same night The Chemical Brothers say “Come With Us” and perform live on the Green Stage so there is no excuse for you not to start the weekend visiting Roskilde on a Thursday. 

Friday the 28th brings one of the pioneers of techno to Roskilde, Andrew Weatherall also known from The Sabre’s Of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen and his brilliant original remix of Future Sound Of London’s “Papua New Guinea” will bring the blue tent in motion all night. In the white tent the Norwegian duo Röyksopp is set to perform live. Current with their debut album “Melody A.M”, and the tracks  “Eple” and “Poor Leno”. We got a comment from them about coming to Roskilde; “We have an offer playing in Roskilde and currently figuring out what to do with our time, and how to fit it in, so we don’t know if it is a confirmed date yet. Roskilde is a great festival though, and it would be a bit silly if we didn’t come. We were there last year and that was fun, but we think we are better now. “ They continue; “We might have done some new tracks at that time, a lot of things can happen until then, we are still changing, on stage it is the two of us (Torbjørn and Svein) playing keyboards and computers. Sometimes we have guest musicians with us, e.g. Anneli Marian Drecker from Bel Canto. On bass we have Ole Skauge and it is normally the three of us running around doing some singing with some digital processing and a bit of digital percussion ”.

 Later in the evening Weekend Players will have the dance floor rocking with their hits “21 Century” and “Into The Sun”, before X-Press 2, the guys behind “Lazy”, “AC/DC” “Muzikizum” and “Smoke Machine”, go on stage to bringing the audience into the night.

 The big progressive program has been set for Saturday the 29th. The duo Way Out West will perform live and one of the biggest progressive House DJ’s in the world will be on stage in the white tent, and that is no other than Mr. Bedrock himself – John Digweed. He is one of the most influential DJ and producer around, he has his own label that releases some of the greatest progressive tunes and together with his producing partner Nick Muir he forms the duo Bedrock, that is known for their skills in remixing and top tracks like “Voices” and “Heaven Scent”. Back in the UK he has his own monthly club, so come to the white tent and get a dose of Bedrock, you won’t be sorry. Way Out West are the UK DJ Nick Warren and his producing partner Jody Wisternoff, they have thrilled us with many great remixes and tunes over the years, including “Ajare”, “The Gift”, and they are now current with their second album “Intensify”, that includes tracks like “Mind Circus”,  “Intensify”, “UB Devoid”, and “The Fall”.

 Over the 4 days of music you can also experience; So Solid Crew, Oxide & Neutrino, Muffler, Marcus Intalex, True To Nature, Antipop Consortium, Techno Animal, Kitbuilders, S.I. Futures, Bjørn Svin, Radioactive Man, Bjørn Torske, Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, J-Walk DJs, Malachy, residents DJ’s Nicka, OK Perston, Madvig and more.

 Words: Christian Almind

Published: Clubbing Magazine April-May 2002 

Max Graham and Royksopp didn't come -instead DJ Remy and The Bays played.


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